Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thanks again Larry

Been feeling pretty aggravated lately, been on the weekend shift for over two years now, which consists of working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7AM to 7PM. I leave for work around 6AM and return around 8PM, don't really have a home life for those days just shower and get to bed as soon as I can. Try and see the kids and catch up on the goings on around the home front.
Had three weekends off in July due to my elbow repairs, and that has had me rethinking my current schedule, got to do things that I can't do during the week. Went to Church three weeks in a row with my Family, and my wife didn't feel like a single parent, attended a camp out with my two oldest and the Youth group. All kinds of cool stuff a Father enjoys. Been trying to shake the sadness I have been feeling to no avail.
Decided to visit with my Wife's cousin Larry Ethier who lives about three hours from us for a much needed pep talk. SUCCESS! Need to visit him and Diane more often. Got a great shoulder to vent on and some wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you Lord. I know for a fact that he is definitely in my life for this reason.
Always wonder if Larry and I were the same age, how much trouble we would have gotten into.(LOL) As I sit here writing I wonder, " should we move closer"?

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